Casa Grande Courts

Location: City of Casa Grande Arizona

Completion: 08/11

Size: 10,500 sf

The new 10,500 sf Casa Grande Municipal Court Building is a single-story building that includes two courtrooms, Judge’s chambers, court administrator offices, court clerk workstations, public lobby with restrooms, video presentation/multi-purpose room, court clerk transaction windows, court record storage, sallyport, three holding cells for detainees waiting arraignment or trial, and support facilities. One courtroom has a jury box and deliberation room. Security systems include metal detectors, an X-ray machine for screening bags and security cameras. The courts design was detailed to be reminiscent of the adjacent historical city hall complex. Secured parking for court personnel is contained behind a security wall and motorized gate. The site also includes public parking. 

Overall the building presents itself as a civic building that draws upon the rich architectural history of Casa Grande for its composition and materiality. The result is a permanent building requiring low maintenance and high energy efficiency.

Project Facts

Client | City of Casa Grande

Cost | $3.2M

Contractor | Haydon Building Corp.

Type | CMAR




Rodrigo Rada | Lead Designer

Joseph Salvatore | Principal in Charge

Michael Rosso | Project Architect

Rachel Usher | Interior Designer

Tom Brown | Construction Administration

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