Coolidge Police Department

Location: Coolidge Arizona

Completion: 06/04

Size: 18,883 sf

The City of Coolidge is committed to providing the public and their officers with a new, dynamic facility to meet the needs of not only the current population but also of the anticipated growth of the City. The new facility reinforces the department’s goal of community based policing and training- by facilitating positive interactions between police and citizens so as to create a pro-active and safe environment. The combined uses of community rooms and the city council chambers that are open for public use, also reinforce this goal. The simple building is inspired by the Casa Grande Ruins. A large protective roof covers a flexible office plan that has the ability to change and expand for future needs. 

During the design phase it was decided to incorporate the Coolidge City Council Chambers into the new Police Headquarters. Up to this time, the council meetings were held in a very small meeting room, ill equipped to host such meetings and audience. The Community Room was quickly redesigned to accommodate the A/V and security components. It has saved the city from building a new city hall for many years.

Project Facts

Client | City of Coolidge

Cost | $2.38M

Contractor | Walton Construction

Type | GC-bid




Doug Brown

Joseph Salvatore

John Kane

Mark Roddy

Mathew Pridemore

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