Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Completion: On track for 04/19

Size: 137,000 sf

The Helios Education Foundation in Phoenix is the headquarters for the organization. Because of the unique views to adjacent iconic mountain ranges, it was vital for the interior and exterior to be connected at every level. Outreach to their clientele, fellow employees, and also to the community helped create the connections. The interior environment seamlessly entwines itself to the outdoor environment. The base of adjacent Camelback Mountain is where rain water flows and life emerges. The walls and ceilings fold and bend in gentle ways to mimic the sculptural lines of the mountain. Natural materials are located at theses shifts with varying accents of green mimicking the desert flora. At the second floor, the material palette softens further, representing the expanse of sky above the lush desert landscape.

The campus features the Helios offices, a convening space for community conversations on education in Arizona, as well as office space for their non-profit partners.

Project Facts

Client | Helios Education Foundation

Contractor | UEB

Type | CMAR

Helios Diagrams_Page_1.png
Helios Diagrams_Page_3.png
Helios Diagrams_Page_2.png


2018 IIDA PRIDE Award, "On the Boards" 



John Kane

Chris Kelly

Rachel Green Rasmussen

Tom Reilly

Glen Wollenhaupt

Ryan Grabe

Justin Trexler

Eric Sterner

Kirsten Keane

Adam Spartan Platt

in collaboration with Studio8

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