Mesa Center for Higher education

Location: Mesa Arizona

Completion: 08/13

Size: 39,400 sf

A vacant City Courts Building was renovated for use as a higher education facility, which includes co-located programs for multiple universities sharing 39,400 sf of space. The facility now houses wet and dry laboratory space as well as classrooms and administrative space for two individual university programs. The new labs were designed to specific instructional requirements for each university’s programs. The wet labs are designed for full utility services of gas, de-ionized water, vacuum and compressed air. Separate lab prep and storage spaces are included with full utilities.

The existing ducted and laminar flow fume hoods were serviced and reused in the new laboratory spaces as part of the new HVAC design. Existing infrastructure was assessed and upgrades were made to building lighting, fire alarm and electrical systems. The existing HVAC system was removed and replaced with a chilled water system and separate heating. In addition, modifications to restrooms, stairways, entrances and other building elements were made to bring the facility to current ADA and building code compliance. Project in collaboration with Saemisch + Di Bella Architects Inc.

Project Facts

Client | City of Mesa

Cost | $4.6M

Contractor | DL Withers Construction

Type | CMAR


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Catherine Britt | Project Architect

Joseph Salvatore | Principal in Charge

John Williams | Assistant Project Manager

Carmen Moussa | Interior Designer

Rachel Usher | Interior Designer

in collaboration with Saemisch + Di Bella Architects Inc.


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