Private Residence Model

Private Residence

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    • This house attempts an architectonic dialogue with the desert: strong form against form, each the more clearly read as the result of the juxtaposition. The form in this case is a rising arc, punctured at acute angles by billowing scimitar-shaped volumes, calm and deliberate along the street, vigorous in the rear. Glints of metal and hints of color offset the client requested palette of light and dark grey stucco cladding. On a street of lot-chewing tile-roofed self-aggrandizing behemoths, the house is an understated framing device for the mountains which rise up behind it. It is also a mechanism of claiming a difficult site, one which is crowded by neighbors to the north and south, and hampered by prominent views to the west. The sweeping form of the arc turns a polite face to the neighborhood, while in the rear creating a shielding embrace. The arching intersecting volumes form private courts and the overall composition is sited to mitigate solar gain. All of the interior case pieces (with the exception of the kitchen and guest bath) and some of the furniture were designed specifically for the home and reflect its overall massing and play of form. Finish materials are intended to enhance design coherency as well. The masonry screen of the parking court is also the wall of great room and the armature of the outdoor cooking area - one continuous split-face plane, legible along all points of its arc. Like much modern design, there is an object quality to this home, and it is intentional. The clients requested a house that was an art piece, and thus by definition distinctive. And for them, the more modern the better. The home is comfortably informal, with the dramatic public spaces flowing into one another easily, and the private quarters quietly segregated.
    • Studio Team
      Douglas Brown
      John Kane
      Reed Kroloff
      Gregory Lambright
      Bonnie Richardson

      Project Team
      Structural: Paul*Koehler Associates
      Mechanical/Electrical: Mechanical Designs
      Civil: Allen Consulting Engineers
      Landscape: Kevin O'Melia
      Contractor: Moss Builders
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  • commercial
  • residential
  • mixed-use
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