Six Degrees

Location: Scottsdale Arizona

Completion: 08/05

Size: 10,000 sf

This tenant improvement provides a new work environment for Six Degrees, a national advertising agency based in North Scottsdale. The company purchased a building shell, which received the following improvements: thermal and acoustical insulation; new interior finishes on existing walls; electrical, mechanical and lighting systems; office and meeting spaces; along with providing accessorial uses as kitchen and restrooms. Six Degrees was looking for a high amount of privacy in the individual offices coupled with ample opportunity to meet and work creatively in common areas. The overall design intent maintains the qualities of a generous open space while providing geometrical, often freestanding volumes housing the main functions. The overall composition creates a dynamic and interactive creative environment which reinforces the firm's culture.

Project Facts

Client | Six Degrees

Cost | $320K

Contractor | 180 Degrees, Inc.


John Kane | Lead Designer

Gregory Lambright | Principal in Charge

Sophia Meger | Designer

Melissa Sullivan | Designer

Brandon Young | Designer

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