SkySong 3

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Completion: Unbuilt

Size: 159,000 sf

SkySong 3 will be the third office/research building located on the southwest quadrant at the intersection of SkySong Boulevard and Innovation Place. Sitting to the west of SkySong 1 and 2 and the new residential project, SkySong 3 will complete the third corner of the shade structure plaza. SkySong 3 will be a four-story building matching the height of SkySong 1 and 2 (60’ Top of Parapet) with approximately 159,000 sf, of office suites/retail at the ground level and office/research space on the upper floors. SkySong 3 will occupy an integral parcel along the main entry drive of SkySong Boulevard and the secondary drive of Innovation Place, establishing the tone for future phases. It is intended to further define the SkySong central plaza at the heart of this mixed-use development and strengthen the urban street experience by expanding the east-west connection from Scottsdale Road east to 74th Street. SkySong 3 will continue the development’s goals by reinforcing the Center’s central public plaza in the following ways:

  • Create and expand community gathering spaces
  • Form a boundary for the pedestrian corridors created by the internal streets
  • Work with the existing buildings to create a vibrant context for human activity
  • Provide shade and an inviting environment for the users
  • Create a link between Scottsdale Road and the activities in the center’s plaza
  • Interact with the signature SkySong shade structure
  • Present a sensitive response to the desert environment and be LEED certifiable

Project Facts

Client | USAA Real Estate, ASU Foundation, Higgins Development, Partners LLC, The Plaza Copanies

Cost | N/A



Suhoon Bae

Mike Beene

Jason Comer

Rachel Rasmussen

Jamie Howden

John Kane

Jens Kolb

Greg McDowell

Tom Reilly

Joseph Salvatore

Travis Sheridan

Glen Wollenhaupt

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