Architekton is constantly exploring opportunities and potential for integrated collaborative design based on new technologies and organizational systems. We continue to refine our design process to better take advantage of the diverse experience and background of everyone involved in our projects. Concurrently, we are striving to discover and reinforce the passion of each of the people we work with —whether it is a search for meaning in design, the desire to serve our community, sharing knowledge and mentoring, or understanding the power of new software applications.

Environmental appropriateness and stewardship is an underlying theme in everything we touch. It is the basis for decision making on our projects, from orientation, material selection, and systems options, to understanding the entire life cycle of the building so that it can adapt as programs change. Sustainability also influences how we practice. We have located our office to encourage alternative transportation and have implemented extensive recycling and educational initiatives, as well as taking the first steps towards developing a paperless delivery system for projects.

As facilitators of change, we are creating management tools that go beyond the need to deliver highly accurate documentation for construction. We are looking at systems that facilitate knowledge-based decision making for our clients and deliver the clear, accurate information needed by the builders with whom we partner.

We understand studio culture as an important and dynamic part of how we work. There is a strong focus on personal development as architects and leaders, as well as establishing friendships and promoting open dialogue. This attitude of collaboration is what allows Architekton to constantly evolve and continue to develop original ideas about community and design.