The face of Architekton is composed of a team of talented architects and designers who over the years have brought their experience and expertise to the company's projects. This diverse and collaborative atmosphere is responsible for Architekton's continued success both as a respected design firm and as a creative working environment. 

studio members  1989-present

sergio aguilar · michael alexander · charles allen · ramon alvarez · anthony amidei · eric anderson · richard anthony jr. · emmanuel arzadon · dane astle · nicklaus astrauskas · thomas awai · suhoon bae · arny bailey · james barnett · grant bascom · david baur, it director · mike beene · michael bennett · gregory biallas · richard bistany · ramin bledsoe · jacob bodell · dieter borrell · chad brackman · robert briggs · terri briggs · catherine britt · danny brown · david brown · dorothy brown · doug brown, principal · tom brown · lynne buckwald · john cahoon · carlos carrasquillo · craig chapple · miro chun · johanna collins · jorge colon · jason comer, development manager · kenneth conner · jeff consbruck · cindy duchateu · dina consiglio · marlaina cortez · eddie curiel · amy dean · laura derrick · salvador doronio · ellen driscoll · kirt ecker · aaron ellsworth · stephen epstein · brian farling · jim flake · michael flanders · holly flint · jason fogland · karina fox · joseph franco · corinna fritsch · jose gandara · scott garvin · harold gebhardt, controller · khristina gerads · peter goldammer · juan gonzales · todd gordon · ryan grabe · mike grogan · justin gubler · connie haakinson · ken harker · ron harris · thomas hartman · jamie henderson · abigail hoover · jannel horney · jamie howdon · darren hunter · laura huston · rebecca huynh · scott irwin · mohenad itayim · meenal jalundhwala · rodrigo rada jaman · justin james · stephen jaycox · clifford johns · phillip johns · john johnson · reid johnson · tessa jones · shawn kaffer · john kane, principal · christopher kelly · bryan king · jens kolb · aubree lambright · greg lambright, retired founding principal · jacob lambright · heather landvatter · adam lass · robert lehman · robert lepore · frank lovato · larayne lundell · scott marshall · charles martin · delicia orozco martinez · mike martinez · paul martinez · stephen marvin · mike masengarb · jay matthews · shannon mccoy · tom mcclure, marketing director · john-paul mcdaris · mandel mcdonnell · greg mcdowell · molly mcknight · sophia meger · karen milam · kim miller, marketing director · todd mion · mike monaghan · jon morton · carmen moussa · ashley mustaca · nick nevels · chris niesen · christopher o'reilley · bill osborne · robert ouellette · serina padilla · aimee parker · luis peris · brad pfahler · thomas piskor · mike powell · carey press · matthew pridemore · eliseo ramirez · pete rasmussen · rachel rasmussen · tom reilly, director · gonzalo fernandez-reuter · lori rice · sharra rice · mark roddy · mitchell rohs · heather root · scott root · spencer root · alan rosen · glen ross · michael rosso · don rucker · rececca saeva · diane salvatore · joe salvatore, principal · ronaldo sanchez · ej sandoval · preston sands · paul schmidt · nicholas shekerjian · patrick sheppard · sean sheridan · travis sheridan · talisa shevavesh · brie smith · robert smith · victoria snively · kevin spencer · eric sterner · kameron stewart · aaron stouffer · melissa sullivan · lee swanson · colton taylor · scott thomas · jeanie thorn · hiram todd · james tompkins · phillip trigas · amit upadhye · rachel usher · brian viney · eric voise · eric vollmer · andrew walker · patrick warnick · eric watson · john williams, senior project manager · matt winquist · glen wollenhaupt · ginger wooten · aschley yano · brandon young · michael young · ko yu · william zanyor

Douglas BrownAIA CSI LEED AP

Principal | Douglas Brown is a founding Principal of Architekton and provides stable leadership that helps to guide the company's long-term strategy and daily operations. Doug strives to understand client expectations. He knows change is a constant and delivering what the client expects requires flexibility and anticipating the unexpected. He is a mentor to Architekton's design talent and fosters technical growth by maintaining a high standard of quality work. Doug was responsible for developing the company's formal quality assurance and quality control programs. He oversaw the construction of the Tempe Transportation Center - a LEED Platinum Registered project.

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Principal | John Kane is a founding partner and Design Principal with Architekton. John's designs are respected throughout the Southwest as a paradigm for an appropriate and sustainable architecture. Architekton's never-ending passion to be creative and innovative has resulted in more than 125 local, regional and national citations for design excellence since 1989. John serves on the board of the Valley Forward Association. He is a member of the ASU College of Design Council for Design Excellence and a member of the Tempe Council Community Sustainability Committee. He is also a visiting critic and lecturer at schools of architecture around the country.

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Greg LambrightRA                

Retired Founding Principal | One of the founding partners of Architekton, he is well known in the Southwest for his capability to effectively navigate government processes to ensure a smooth project outcome. He has become an expert at coordinating large-scale building programs and coordinating complex municipal entitlement. Greg has worked to complete more than 2,500 private sector, governmental, and commercial type projects, while always maintaining a strong client service ethic. Greg was the Managing Principal for the new architectural design of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple in Gilbert, Arizona.

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Joseph SalvatoreAIA LEED AP

Principal | Joseph Salvatore currently serves as Architekton's CEO overseeing the company's operations. In addition, he serves as project manager on many of the company's larger projects and has amassed a portfolio of nearly half a billion dollars worth of construction. Projects involving multiple levels of client input and that require an extraordinary focus on resource management are his areas of expertise. Generally, Joe's projects are complex involving significantly higher than normal layers of sub-consultancy. He has personally developed Architekton's management tools that keep these projects on schedule, properly staffed and focused on quality. His unique style of management places him as the client's champion during the design and construction processes; a role that every client finds invaluable. Most recently, he was Architekton’s Director for the City of Casa Grande Public Safety Facility and Courts Buildings. 

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Director | Tom Reilly creates initiatives related to collaborative design management, client development and strategic growth. Tom devotes his energies and talents to ensuring that the buildings we create achieve their creative potential and operational intent while honoring the investment of the owner. While he manages a diverse range of projects, Tom has universal success in facilitating teams that understand and exceed client expectations.  He inspires teams to envision the extraordinary and find cost effective, creative ways to achieve that vision. A Phoenix native, he spent four years in the Navy Seabees building military bases around the world. He returned to Arizona and worked as a carpenter before obtaining his architectural degree at Arizona State University.

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John Cahoon 

Senior Associate | John Cahoon has managed the design, documentation and construction of large projects worldwide including master planned communities, university student centers, government projects, and religious facilities. He designed many of the international standard plans for the LDS Church Educational System and worked on several facilities related committees while employed by the LDS Church. John develops outstanding working relationships with clients, governmental agencies and contractors through all phases of the project.

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Harold Gebhardt 

Senior Associate | Harold Gebhardt has been with Architekton since 2000 and is the company's office controller and CFO. 

Dane AstleLEED AP BD+C 

Associate | Dane Astle has design, technical and construction experience on a wide array of project types. As a professional, he has interacted with Owners and user groups in integrating green building concepts into numerous projects.  Dane is also actively involved in coordinating the day-to-day tasks of utilizing technology in a design environment. As a team leader, Dane develops and enforces the project work plan for compliance to cost, schedule and quality parameters. He is responsible for taking the design through the document production and coordination phase, and managing the project during the construction administration phase.

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Chris Kelly AIA

Associate | Chris Kelly is a senior architectural designer and is well versed in all aspects of design, from programming to conceptual design through final detailed design to construction. His career has focused on both small and high-profile projects including high-profile cultural projects, institutional projects, office, industrial structure, higher education, and multi-use developments. In addition to his strong design talents, Chris brings to a team years of hands-on experience as a multimedia designer.

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Greg McDowell 

Associate | As project and BIM manager, Greg McDowell has experience in coordinating a vast array of projects through all phases of development, from vacant site feasibility studies to construction administration. His experience managing a wide range of projects ensures clients of a smooth transition from the various design phases through project completion. Greg has been using three dimensional modeling for project design and documentation for nearly five years with Architekton. It has yielded a better understanding of the project for our team members, our clients, and the builders and has become a valuable tool for transdisciplinary collaboration for the entire team. Greg uses these tools to help evaluation items such as day lighting studies, energy modeling, environmental impact studies, spatial studies, material studies, etc. He works with our consultants groups to help integrate BIM best practices into the building life cycle.

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Rachel Rasmussen AIA CDT

Associate | Rachel G. Rasmussen’s innovative design skills have garnered her numerous awards and acknowledgements. Her architectural experience has varied from institutional and municipal projects, to private sector mixed-use facilities and master plans. Rachel is a thoughtful and inspired designer who has been a leader of multiple initiatives to incorporate sustainable principles into the firm’s design process and ideology. Through her background in landscape architecture, she brings a unique ability to turn ordinary place into extraordinary space. At Architekton, her responsibilities encompass architectural planning, design, and client coordination.

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Michael RossoRA 

Associate | Michael Rosso is an innovative, hands-on architect with a passion for interpretive architecture. His experience as a creative collaborator has demonstrated special skills in consensus building with clients, design team members and construction managers. Mike’s experience as a project designer and manager encompasses municipal, commercial, recreational, and residential facilities. 

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Glen WollenhauptAIA LEED AP 

Associate | As a registered architect, Glen Wollenhaupt has design, technical and construction experience on a wide array of project types. As a professional he has interacted with owners and user groups in integrating sustainable building concepts into numerous projects. Glen is also actively involved in coordinating the day-to-day tasks of utilizing technology in a design environment. As a senior project architect, Glen develops and enforces the project work plan for compliance to cost, schedule and quality parameters. He is responsible for taking the design through the document production and coordination phase, and managing the project during the construction administration phase. 

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