UEB Builders at Meetinghouse 3080

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Completion: 11/18

Size: 9,822 sf

Originally designed to serve as a Mormon Meetinghouse in 1958 and later as an office building in the early 1980’s, Meetinghouse at 3080 is the new home to UEB. Referencing both the history of the Meetinghouse as well as the future of the company, the space assimilates and clarifies through the designed balance of hand and machine. A fire that destroyed many of the structural elements as well as two building additions in the early 1980’s allowed for the new office space to capture moments of blending rather than the typical contrast. Realized by craftsmen’s familiar elements intrinsic to their craft, steel and glass became the medium in which to showcase old and new techniques to the building. This didactic experience highlights conventional and nonconformist methods of construction while seamlessly bringing attention to the unscathed building shell.

Shou Sugi Ban Wood was added to nod at existing charred wood members from the building fire, while minimalist steel and glass details provide moments of relief and highlight existing moments in the space. The new space provides clarity and reaffirmation for the City of Scottsdale as a case study that showcases the balance between preservation and rehabilitation – a debate larger than the sum of this project alone.

Project Facts

Client | UEB Builders

Cost | Confidential

Contractor | UEB Builders

Type | Design-Build




Eric Sterner

Andrew Marriott

John Kane

Ryan Grabe

Rachel Rasmussen

Tom Reilly


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