Wells Fargo

Location: Tempe Arizona

Completion: 06/02

Size: N/A

The goal of the design was to enhance the presence of the bank at this location at 40th Street and Thomas Road. The use of permanent and substantial building materials─along with dramatic roof forms and massing─created the needed visual dominance and point of presence necessary for the bank to successfully compete at a very important and busy intersection. The white curved element acts as screen or billboard for the company's corporate identity while reflecting daylight into the interior of the store. The floating metal wedge roofs provide dynamic interior volume while serving the practical needs of draining sometimes torrential rainwater to the extreme edge of the site. Colors were chosen to complement the company's corporate branding. The open design enhances security by providing clear visibility throughout the structure. Daylight illuminates the interior, eliminating the need during most business hours for electric lighting. The building's mechanical system was organized to efficiently feed the entire building and minimize duct runs. The exterior materials and colors were carried to the interior to reinforce the building's integrated composition and corporate identity.

Project Facts

Client | Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona

Cost | $1.3M

Contractor | Reliance Build Inc.

Type | Negotiated




Doug Brown | Project Manager

Carlos Carrasquillo | Staff

Jorge Colon | Staff

John Kane | Lead Designer

Gregory Lambright | Principal in Charge

Robert Lehman | Staff

Nick Nevels | Staff

Rebecca Saeva | Staff

Victoria Snively | Staff

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