Zion & Zion

Location: Tempe Arizona

Completion: 01/14

Size: 14,241 sf

This urban creative-class project is a carefully considered infill to Farmer Studios, a flexible mixed-use building on a one-acre site. Continuing the urbanization of Farmer Avenue, the building was designed to increase leasable space and reinforce the pedestrian experience, while optimizing site efficiency. The building’s form and position relative to the existing structure was designed to create desert appropriate, compact and protected exterior spaces for the building’s users. Connecting parking, retention courtyard, and entry paseo, a new external lobby now unifies the entire site. Through evolved shading strategies and shared expressed structure from the existing building, the two architectures are aesthetically unified.

The interiors respond and respect the honest nature of the architecture while maintaining a unique identity for the tenant. Color, millwork, and texture complement the exposed utilitarian construction. The resulting cohesive design yields a creative, stimulating, and collaborative environment that embodies the ideals of Farmer Studios.

Project Facts

Client | DJGJ

Cost | $1.9M

Contractor | Bistany Architecture & Construction

Type | DBB



2015 AIA Arizona Distinguished Building Citation Award

2014 ENR Southwest Best of 2014: Best Small Project (Under $10 Million)


John Kane

Chris Kelly

Doug Brown

Jason Comer

Carmen Moussa

Aaron Stouffer

Rachel Usher

Sahoon Bae

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