City of Surprise | City Hall

Location: Surprise Arizona

Completion: 05/09

Size: 131,301 sf

The new 131,301 sf City of Surprise City Hall is the completion of the City government’s transition to a new home but also to a brand new civic image. For years, the City made use of a modified strip shopping center on Bell Road as its city hall, police headquarters, fire administration headquarters, and data center. The old facility, while busting at the seams, served the City well for many years including the years where the City experienced explosive growth. City functions and services to its citizens were impacted by the constraints placed upon it by the physical facilities. The image of the City in the eyes of the development community and the rest of the world was shaped by the image of the crammed strip retail center city hall.

Project Facts

Client | City of Surprise

Cost | $48M

Contractor | D.L. Withers Construction

Type | CMAR




Tom Brown

Douglas Brown

Joe Salvatore

John Kane

Michael Rosso

Jannel Horney

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