Phoenix Civic Shade Canopies

Location: Phoenix Arizona

Completion: 04/09

Size: 14,290 sf

The creation of a new public civic space in Downtown Phoenix offered an exciting opportunity to give the city a new civic identity, but would require extensive shading to make the site hospitable. The concept for the shade canopies was derived from the undulating topography of the park: understanding the ground as a single, warped surface. The intent was to create a parallel, overhead plane which would unify one's experience of the site. By placing the structural frame above the shading elements, a plane of metal conduit is able to read as a smooth, continuous underbelly, legible from beneath. Photovoltaic panels placed on top of the structure provide further shade, and enhance the layered quality of the shadows cast below, which form an intricate and continuously changing pattern throughout the day.

Project Facts

Client | City of Phoenix

Cost | $1.4M

Contractor | Todd Macalady



2016 AIA Arizona Component Design Citation Award

2010 AIA Arizona Citation Award

2009 Southwest Contractor Best Urban Design Award

2009 Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Crescordia Award Urban Plaza

2009 McGraw-Hill Construction Best of the Best National Urban Design Award


Tom Reilly

John Kane

Nicklaus Astrauskas

Thomas Hartman

Sophia Meger Sparklin

Eric Vollmer

in collaboration with EDAW

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